Explorations Lectures and Arts Events
Birmingham-Southern College

All events for the period 7/21/2014 through 12/31/2014 are shown below.
(subject to change)

Date/Time Info Title/Location/Contact Info. EventID
11 AM Common Hour
Welcome to the Neighborhood Panel Discussion
Norton Theatre
11 AM Common Hour
Clyde Stanton, BSC Professor of Chemistry, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`A Revised Curriculum for the Physical Chemistry Laboratory`
11 AM Common Hour
Tynes Cowan, BSC Associate Professor of English, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`Stonewall Jackson's Widow vs. Birmingham's First Bestselling Author: The 1911 Controversy Over Mary Johnson's 'The Long Roll'`
11 AM Common Hour
Chantel Acevedo, Guest Speaker
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
BACHE Visiting Writers Series
11 AM Common Hour
Scot Duncan, BSC Associate Professor of Biology, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`Alabama's Surprising Biodiversity`
11 AM Common Hour
Matthew Mielke, BSC Professor of Theatre Arts, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`Asking the Paint What It Wants to Do Today: Watercolor Alive`
11 AM Common Hour
Steve Cole, BSC Professor of Art, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`Haters Gonna Hate 2.0`
11 AM Common Hour
Sonia Nazario, Guest Speaker
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4733
`Enrique's Journey`
11 AM Common Hour
Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez, Ph.D., Guest Speaker
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4733
`The Diversity of the Hispanic Culture and how the Hispanic Culture Differs from Region to Region`
11 AM Common Hour
Larry Brasher, Denson Franklin Professor Emeritus of Religion, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`Searching for the Native Plant and Discovering the Native American`
11 AM Common Hour
Jason Heaton, BSC Assistant Professor of Biology, Provost's Forum
Norton Theatre / 205-226-4650
`From Ape to Man: The Tale of the Sterkfontein Valley`
11 AM Common Hour
Tayari Jones, Guest Speaker
Norton Theatre
BACHE Visiting Writers Series
11 AM Common Hour
Alan Litsey, BSC Professor of Theater Arts, Provost's Forum
College Theatre
11 AM Common Hour
Jacquelyn Leary-Warsaw, BSC Associate Professor of Music, Provost's Forum
Hill Recital Hall / 205-226-4650

Keeping Track of Explorations Lectures and Arts Events

To earn credit for an event, complete the attendance scan form located at the entrance of most events. To complete the form, you will need a pencil and your BSC ID number (last seven digits) as shown on your BSC ID card.

At the completion of the event, place the scan form in the return box as you exit. In order to receive credit, the form must be submitted at the end of the event. If you wish to turn the form in at a later time, you must get permission from a staff member on duty.

If the attendance form is not available at an approved event, you are required to bring a ticket, program, handout, or some other proof of attendance to the Humanities Center building room 104, within 10 days of attending the event and attach it (no staples) to an attendance scan form that you will fill out. Your signature on the attendance scan form indicates your compliance with the BSC Honor Code.

The Explorations Events Information System (EEIS) can keep you updated on your attendance record. Select the EEIS link in the MyBSC options.

To access the EEIS system, enter your BSC email-id and BSC email password before pressing the Submit button. As an example, if your BSC email address is jksmith@bsc.edu, then you use jksmith as you user-id. To insure the security of your data, please remember to select the Terminate my EEIS session option in order to close your session and exit the system.

You should check your attendance record often. Questions and comments may be sent to Brenda Bailey, bbailey@bsc.edu, who is located in room 104 of the Humanities Center building and whose phone number is 226-7842.